Men’s Basketball v. Western Michigan

The Bobcat men had a huge game tonight against Western Michigan. The majority of the game was tight but Ohio pulled out a blow-out 82-64 win by the end. Good hustle, boys.

Bobcat Antonio Campbell rises up for a 2-pointer.

Ohio’s James Gollon moves the ball out.

Bobcat Mike Laster drives the ball inside.

Ohio’s Gavin Block looks for an opening.

Bobcat Kenny Kaminski attempts an up and under.

Bobcat Antonio Campbell dribbles past Bronco Drake LaMont.

Bobcat James Gollon shoots a free throw.

Bobcat James Gollon shoots a free throw.

Ohio’s Treg Setty looks to pass.

Bobcat Gavin Block is fouled by Western Michigan’s Tucker Haymond.

Ohio’s Mike Laster soars for a slam dunk.

Ohio’s bench loved Mike Laster’s huge dunk.

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