1. Inside the ‘Retina Room’

    2018-03-20 00:09:03 UTC
              In November I moved to Washington, finally flying from my hometown of Athens to the farthest corner of the lower 48. In keeping with a tradition I’ve developed, I was due to create a camera obscura out of one room of my new house. Covering anywhere that light might breach…

  2. Moments from a Dream Abroad

    2018-01-03 18:58:31 UTC
          My 2017 was certainly characterized by my experiences abroad last spring. I had the privilege of studying Spanish in Toledo, Spain as well as the chance to explore other parts of the country and continent including Alicante, Granada, Madrid, Rome, Stuttgart, Esslingen am Neckar, Paris and Amsterdam. Four months was…

  3. Rally America Back in Appalachian Ohio

    2017-05-19 23:55:00 UTC
         The Southern Ohio Forest Rally came back to Southeastern and Southern Ohio this weekend with a race Friday in Zaleski State Forest near Lake Hope and more stages Saturday at Scioto Trails State Park near Chillicothe. After a 21-year hiatus the race was resurrected as part of the Rally America…

  4. La Vida Europea

    2017-04-07 11:34:00 UTC
         I already miss the waft of fresh-baked brownies blanketing the countryside—wait, let me start at the beginning so that makes the slightest bit of sense.       Five weeks ago yesterday I set out what would be likely the best Spring Break of my life, fitting for my last year of college.…

  5. La Vida Toledana: Week 6

    2017-03-01 23:24:00 UTC
         This will have to serve as my last blog post for a little while as we are approaching our Spring Break this weekend and I’ve taken it as an opportunity to travel. I’ll be embarking on miniature tour of Europe, starting with a visit to Rome with Hannah, Sadie and…

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