1. Living in a Camera II

    13 Nov 2016
    A year ago, in a different house, I decided to transform my room into a camera. This year, I tried the experiment again. Duct tape, gaff tape, cardboard and blankets helped seal my small chamber from light and a small hole allowed the outside to flow inside. What was once…

  2. Johnny Guitar

    05 Oct 2016
    Since age 17, after just 2 years of playing the guitar himself, John Horne has been giving guitar lessons and teaching classes—music is his life. He performs solo and with various local Jazz groups, but feels his legacy is the network of guitarists that he has taught and the music…

  3. Red Bull Joyride in 16:9

    23 Aug 2016
         I often find that some images work best in 16:9, the crop ratio of digital high definition video. Whether it is the cinematic feel this field of view enforces or the ability to focus the content of the image more linearly, I think it can be successful in creating strong…

  4. Let Your Eyes Adjust

    04 Aug 2016
    Bioluminescent phytoplankton create a cloud of light in the waters of Teddy Bear Cove, Bellingham, Wash.      In this modern world of insane digital sensors and ground-breaking microscopes, we often take our eyes’ light-sensing abilities for granted. I love the way that photography can be used as a tool to see…

  5. Cross-Country Perspectives via Light Field Photography

    29 May 2016
    Once again, light field photography graces the pages of my blog brought to you by Lytro’s first model. The following images document my trip from Athens, Ohio to Bellingham, Wash. with the added advantage of light field photography’s ability to record variations in perspective as well as depth of focus…

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