1. Photo Update: Playing with Light Field Photography

    24 Apr 2015

  2. NEW ZEALAND: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish and Chips!

    07 Jan 2015
    Scenes, sights and sounds from a month in beautiful New Zealand. I love it there and I want to go back again. hah. Cheers!

  3. NEW ZEALAND: Still Shootin’

    06 Jan 2015
    A week after breaking my collarbone much of the pain has gone away and with it, the awkwardness of a sling… remains. But I can’t avoid making honest attempts to keep shooting whether that means painfully wielding my body and 70-200 by the lip of the hot shoe or resorting…

  4. NEW ZEALAND: Bubble: Burst

    02 Jan 2015
    This will likely be my last photo post as my ability to take pictures has come to a screeching halt. A few days ago, I stupidly broke my collarbone while hitting a jumpline on my bike. Of course it had to be my right shoulder that was smashed into pieces…

  5. NEW ZEALAND: Glaciers before they’re gone

    25 Dec 2014
    The Southern Alps are a string of mountain ranges along New Zealand’s south island. We’ve been to Queenstown, what I’d call the Vegas of NZ, where Al and I got a chance to bike at one of the best downhill parks in the world. We stopped in Wanaka for a…

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