1. Exploring the Cumberland Gap trail

    06 Mar 2016
    For OU’s Spring Break my friends Evan and Eli and I ventured to Tennessee to thru-hike the Tennessee River Gorge Segment of the Cumberland Gap trail, a historic trail system that marks the first major passage for early American settlers through the Appalachian (and Cumberland) Mountains. It was my first…

  2. Experimenting with 16:9

    03 Feb 2016
    Ohio’s Kenny Kaminski takes a calm shot despite the flailing defense of Akron’s Pat Forsythe. Seen through the legs of Ohio’s Antonio Campbell, teammate Jaaron Simmons dribbles past Akron’s Noah Robotham. Ohio’s Treg Setty smacks a pass awry, while defending Akron Zip Reggie McAdams. Ohio’s Jaaron Simmons keeps the ball…

  3. Bouldering through the Melt.

    31 Jan 2016
    A week ago today, Athens, Ohio was blanketed in 8 1/2 inches of fresh snow, with wintry temperatures to match. 2016’s 30th day of January, however, turned out to be a wonderful 60 degree day that allowed us to get in over four hours of great local bouldering. The longer…

  4. Snowy Session

    20 Jan 2016
    When winter comes in Athens, the bikes stay out–even after it’s in the single digits, even when it snows. In fact, the snow provides some of the funnest riding around. It was hard not to smile even if my feet became size 11 blocks of ice. After an awesome session…

  5. Men’s Basketball v. Western Michigan

    20 Jan 2016
    The Bobcat men had a huge game tonight against Western Michigan. The majority of the game was tight but Ohio pulled out a blow-out 82-64 win by the end. Good hustle, boys Bobcat Antonio Campbell rises up for a 2-pointer. Ohio’s James Gollon moves the ball out. Bobcat Mike Laster…

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