1. La Vida Toledana: Week 5

    19 Feb 2017
         Exploring outside of Toledo these past couple weeks has been eye-opening. Despite its size, Spain has incredibly vibrant culture in every corner and in between. Exemplifying this variety are its languages; in addition to Castellaño (the language we Americans consider Spanish) there are six regional languages among other dialectal variants.…

  2. La Vida Toledana: Week 4

    13 Feb 2017
    The indomitable Austin Miles, Fulbright scholar and Athens townie.      The beauty of being in Spain, apart from being 3700 miles away from The Donald, is the country’s conduciveness for travel. While our program’s schedule includes many great day trips and a couple weekend stays, it also offers us free time…

  3. La Vida Toledana: Week 3

    04 Feb 2017
    In my experience, Madrid doesn’t sleep either.      This trip has been full of new experiences and full of firsts. I’ve flown alone before, but never overseas. I took my first train ride this past weekend and loved it. I also helped fix a washing machine for the first time. Oh,…

  4. La Vida Toledana: Week 2

    27 Jan 2017
    In the labyrinth of Toledo’s historic sector, it’s as easy to get lost as it is to find a place of worship. In my research, I estimated there to be at least 20 churches, cathedrals, monasteries, convents, mosques and synagogues—my civilization and culture professor says there are 90.      In class,…

  5. La Vida Toledana: Week 1

    20 Jan 2017
         As part of my Spanish major at OU, I’m studying abroad in Toledo, Spain this spring. Roughly an hour southwest of Madrid, this beautiful city is a treasure chest of history. Inside the medieval walls of el Casco Histórico, every step touches an epoch much older than the founding of…

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