1. Yearning for Yellowstone

    27 May 2016
         I knew Yellowstone National Park would be amazing. I was prepared for it to wow me with stunning vistas, fascinating geology and incredible flora and fauna–but it was so much more. Even the drive in from Cody, Wyoming, just east of the park, was spectacular. Huge cliffs rose on either…

  2. Spring Awakening - The Cicadas are Here

    20 May 2016
    Among the many facets of my passion for photography lies nature photography. This video is a merger of that interest, boredom and curiosity for these amazing insects. I set off to explore the Brood V, 17-year cicada’s emergence, using time-lapse and macro photography to observe their transformation. Enjoy and don’t…

  3. Why I Love Riding Bikes

    18 May 2016
    Adam soars down Stage 1      If you know me, you know how much I like bikes. But it’s so much more than that. My love of bikes is a sense of wholeness, an idea of unity that pairs the poetic simplicity and serenity of a ride with the beautiful community…

  4. Handmade & Pedal Powered

    27 Apr 2016
    What makes a hand-built bicycle unique? The niche industry is as diverse as it is small. Joey Boyle, Eric Cornwell and Rody Walter, three of Ohio’s bicycle fabricators, each have a distinct viewpoint on the subject. Produced by Jasmine Beaubien and Lucas Reilly

  5. The Fest that’s all the Fuss

    17 Apr 2016
         I’ve never had a desire to go to Number Fest. As a local and a student, I can see both sides of the polemical music festival and don’t like getting mixed up in the debate. This year, however, I decided to get some light conflict reportage experience and dive into…

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